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Travelling is a magical moment, so your trip must be sustainable. Travel responsibly. Your mindset, choices, and purchases can have a big impact on the people and places you visit. Inform yourself as much as you can. Information transforms, saves time, and avoids travel hassles and nasty surprises. Get inspired by itineraries, flavours, colours, themes, etc.! We have infinite possibilities to get to know a lot through the Internet. Use this to your advantage and enjoy more the moment!

You can then start here to find inspirations, information, resources and ideas to better plan your sustainable travel.

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling can be finding reliable tools and travel companies that can make your life easier when it comes to booking flights, finding accommodations, safe travel restaurants, and one or another important detail you need to learn from practice. 

 That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best travel resources so that you no longer need to feel overwhelmed or confused.

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I also want to make sure that every product I promote here is to offer you the best!

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To eternalize all important moments


EF 50mm

EFS 1855

EF 70-300

Action Camera

I love to ride with my GoPro on the bike handlebar. I make amazing videos with it. The GoPro camera has become a reference. It was the forerunner of action camera models. That is, it can be used for shooting adventures without running the risk of being damaged.

In addition, it records unforgettable moments of travel with advanced technology. It can also be used in everyday moments and share them with a spontaneity difficult to reach in other types of cameras. It can be attached to a helmet or other accessories, which creates experiences from the subjective look of the protagonist of the action. 

Buy your GoPro here.

Get inspired by the taste

Sometimes we choose the places we visit because of some detail we know about, like gastronomy, or wine, or beer, or history, language, people, fashion, architecture, nature, landscape, etc.

So the more we know these characteristics the more inspired we are to plan the next trip. 

After the inspiration comes in practice what is necessary to do before and during the trip. 

Making a good suitcase is an art. Taking the right things to the right places is not always a successful task. That’s why I help you in this challenge. Here in this page you can find general tips and in the posts specific tips for each destination.


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