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Light packing is part of sustainable travel. And it seems not, but packing a good travel bag is an art. Getting the right things to the right places is not always a successful task.

Sometimes you get so excited about your trip that you don’t plan the packing. You simply throw everything you think you need into your suitcase without thinking about the negative impact that poorly packed luggage can have on the environment. How about changing this for the good of our planet?

I will help you with this challenge.

How I learned to make a perfect

lightweight suitcase

Oh yes, of course, I am a fan of light luggage. So if you are the kind of person who likes to carry lots of useless items, this page will not help you. But if you want to enjoy your trip and travel as light as possible, this is the place for you.

I have been travelling forever, but my real experience in packing and unpacking I gained from the time when I was a music journalist and travelled almost every week to a place with a different climate, culture and type of event. 

Have you ever put yourself in my shoes and felt the challenge of luggage?

I didn’t have the possibility to make mistakes, nor to take too many things to choose according to my mood (I have heard many people say that, “oh I’ll take this and this and when I get there I’ll choose depending on the mood…”). 

My luggage always needed to be light and perfect. As the years went by, this task became easier and easier for me. Of course, I carried this efficiency over to my vacation trips. I have already spent three weeks travelling with only carry-on luggage. I assure you it is entirely possible. 

So that’s it, let’s stop suffering when packing and start having fun from this moment on! 

Sustainability and responsible travel

When you are packing, remember that the heavier the car, or the plane, the more fuel will be needed. Think about the environment and leave some clothes and accessories at home.

sustainable travel

Sustainable travel luggage

Travelling light generates tourism with less environmental impact and, in addition, makes life easier for the traveller who can get around better with an efficient suitcase, which has only the amount of clothes necessary for the trip.

Remember that means of transportation such as cars, for example, require more fuel when they are heavier, as well as aeroplanes, which increase their consumption if the trunk is loaded.

Also with a lighter suitcase, you can choose more economical and sustainable means of transport such as train, subway, or even walking.

To pack a good travel bag the most important thing is to keep in mind the length of your trip, the weather, and any non-standard clothing or gear you may need.

Also, have a good app to check the temperature of your destination before you pack. 

If you will be travelling by plane, your first step is to decide whether to check a suitcase or just take a carry-on.  The amount of clothes you will take is based on this decision. 

If you are travelling with just a carry-on or backpack, focus on choosing clothes in more neutral colours. They are more versatile and easy to repeat without being conspicuous. 

Also invest in hats that can be wrinkled, thermo shirts, clothes that don’t need to be ironed, and quick-drying underwear.

The posts below can better guide you in specific situations. 


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