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The nomadic soul is a


I was born with a nomadic soul, and my foot on the road, because I used to travel with my father who shared with me the passion for travel. 

I realized that we are a tribe, the tribe of detachment characteristic of the Nomadic Soul, so I created this space to form a community. 

Each being that has the Nomadic Soul, knows how to recognize it. Each one in his style, each one in his needs. But we have one thing in common: the desire for freedom. Yes! We are a tribe of freedom! 

How to be a more responsible traveller

Health, well-being and harmony

with nature

Living life in harmony with nature is a lifestyle. I live in a big city, Berlin, but I always run away from the city and clean my energy between trees, green, mountains, lakes, etc. 

Furthermore, about 6 years ago, I gave up my car and use the bicycle as my main means of transport and with it, I try to do my part to preserve my planet. 

The environmental crisis is a reality because all our actions affect our entire planet. 

Atlantic pollution near major ports in North America affects fish in Icelandic waters, and logging in the Amazon forest affects air quality in Africa.

Nature is abundant. Learning to make the most of it without destroying it is an art, a lifestyle.

Having a healthier lifestyle not only gives us more physical health, but also emotional balance and beauty.

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