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German beers are brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, which allows only water, hops and malt as ingredients.

Beer is an important part of German culture and there are a large number of beer varieties in the country.

Beer is a woman thing

11,000 years ago, while men went out to hunt and take the meat home, women were responsible for taking care of the grains that were kept in jars and that would be used to make bread. It was in this way, half by chance, that the beer was discovered, because the grains that were not consumed, were kept inside jars, without special care, exposed to rain and sun. Result? Fermentation. Thus they formed the liquid that today we call beer.

Thousands of years passed, and around 1,800 BC, the first recipe for a beer was written. It was a tribute to a goddess known as Ninkasi by the Sumerians. The formula brought dates, varied grains, herbs, honey and spices. Hops itself, one of the main ingredients in beer production, had its properties first described years later, in the 12th century, by a woman, the German nun and theologian Hildegard von Bingen, or Saint Hildegard.

Today, we see more and more wonderful women on various fronts in the beer market and we ignore those who still think that beer is a man thing.

Ninkasi is the tutelary goddess of beer in ancient Sumerian religious mythology.

Holiday with beer

Beer is part of culture and tourism in Germany. So as well as tasting a German beer, you can also take part in the production process, manufacturing, tasting.

Discover the various options to combine your trip with German beer!

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Or simply enjoy your holiday wherever you are with a good German beer, with the information about it here on the Blog.

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