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Berlin is a unique city. It was once the center of culture in Europe. It has been bombed and rebuilt, divided and reunified.

Berlin is a city full of history, curiosities, and cultural riches. It is also a city of endless possibilities for leisure, culture, music, art, architecture, cuisine, beer, hiking, biking, boat trips, castles, shopping.

Berlin is the capital of the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world – Germany. With solid achievements in the social and environmental areas, the country became a world reference when the subject is sustainability.

The city also stands out when it comes to urban mobility. In Berlin, it is possible to get to any point in the city by bike. The bicycle network already exceeds 1,000 km.

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Have you ever thought of visiting Berlin in the company of a professional photographer?

This means you can visit the city and capture the moment with professionalism and personality.

You will have incredible photos to show off on social networks, friends and family.

In the future, you will have beautiful memories of your tour.

Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of photos. Explore with someone who knows the city well and can take you to both tourist spots and places out of the ordinary.

Photographer in Berlin
Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

Would you rather be behind the camera?

I also offer tours for photographers (whether enthusiast, hobbyist or professional), at some of Berlin’s cool and special photo spots.

Sustainability in Berlin - Go Vegan

If you are vegan or vegetarian and have that cliché in your head that in Germany you only eat sausages and pork knuckle, so you will have nowhere to eat in Berlin, get rid of this prejudice.

In the world ranking of veganism, Germany ranked sixth, surpassing countries like the Netherlands and the United States. Germany has a growing vegan and vegetarian population, with almost 10% of the population adhering to a vegetarian diet, and 1.6% eating vegan – the highest rate in Europe. This means that the country may be known for its sausages and schnitzels, but it has become a leading producer of meat substitutes and is doing more and more to provide meat-free and plant-based alternatives for its inhabitants.

And Berlin is considered the vegan-friendly and cruelty-free capital of the world, according to the Happy Cow website, Berlin has the world’s largest chain of vegan supermarkets -the Veganz-, and the world’s first vegan boulevard, the Schivelbeiner Straße, with clothing stores, shops, cafes and restaurants selling only animal-free products.

Mauerweg Special

Berlin's most typical food

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