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5 qualities of women who drink beer

Not only in bars are the women who drink beer, because every day we open more space to act in this old ball club. For cultural reasons, it was believed that the brewing public were not women, because they had other ethylic preferences, such as sweet drinks. We know that this is a retrograde and meaningless thought. 


Today we are sommeliers, we produce our handmade beer, chefs who know how to harmonize gastronomic delights with drinks, brewers, and of course frequenters of bars. 

Without wanting to generalize, I will mention some characteristics that those women have in common. 

1. Keep the spirit young

This is a reality. Have you ever noticed the countenance of an old lady with a beer in her hand? Maybe you haven’t noticed that she is old, because with the beer in her hand, she seemed to be 30 years younger. In some way, beer accompanies this energy of vitality. 

2. They don't care how many calories they are ingesting.

Is a beer a meal? So what? I eat only salad next time… or I run double tomorrow… or, I’m not interested. The important thing is to enjoy that moment with my beer.  

3. They are uncomplicated (at least sometimes).

10ml of citric vodka, another 40ml of champagne, a few more whipped strawberries, then chopped ice and on top a mint leaf? Maybe again in three months… Today I will have just one beer. Ahh and you don’t even need a glass. I’ll take it right in the bottle. 

4. They are not worried about looking "divas".

No, a beer burp (inevitable) and however subtle it may be, does not go with divas. Every diva knows that too, which is why they wouldn’t touch a beer. At least not in public. 

5. They are freer from the opinion of others

Oh you think it’s still too early for me to drink my beer? Do you think I’m at the bar alone with my beer to flirt, because I don’t have anyone at home waiting for me? Did you twist your nose because I speak elegantly? You must be very unconcerned in life to care about what I’m doing. Meanwhile, I just enjoy my beer! 

And you agree with me? Do you have any other characteristics in common that you noticed and I don’t? Leave us your comments!

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