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Cabin luggage: Guide to Size, Restrictions and Weight

 Avoid the stress with carry-on luggage and possible additional charges when boarding by checking the dimensions, weight restrictions, and what you are allowed to take before you travel.

How many bags can you take on the plane? What is the maximum weight for carry-on luggage? What can you take in your suitcase inside the cabin? Get answers to these and other questions about hand luggage on domestic and international flights and organize your trip!

What is carry-on luggage

Carry-on or cabin luggage is everything that you will take on board the aeroplane without checking it in. 

What is the size for cabin luggage?

Cabin baggage should have a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches) including all handles, side pockets, wheels etc.

Tips for going on vacation only with carry-on luggage

I am a total fan of the light suitcase.  Besides, there are many airline ticket promotions where only carry-on luggage is allowed. So why not? And also think about the huge time you save at airports and the easy way to get around. 

A light suitcase is also part of sustainable travel. I have already spent not only weekends or small holidays with a small suitcase, but also three-week vacations without missing anything at all.

Another advantage is that you don’t buy what you don’t need. 


Then let’s talk about how to pack this handbag. 

Go with the heaviest shoes and carry a lighter one in your luggage. Always think of a joker shoe, one that is comfortable and at the same time you can go to a good restaurant at night with it. 

Wear a heavier jacket or coat. Only take sweaters in your luggage for the colder weather. 

Take a fancy outfit only if you are sure you will actually wear it. Think in detail about where you are going and take only what will be useful. 

Buy the perfect cabin bag

With different restrictions per airline, it is not only important to have the right size bag, but also one that meets your travel needs. If you are a fan of weekend getaways, a lightweight backpack may be the best option. If you are on a longer trip, you may prefer a suitcase with wheels to take the weight off your shoulders. 

Liquids and toiletries

If you are staying in a hotel, find out what is provided in the room and decide if that is all you need, maybe you just need to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste. If the place you will be staying does not offer these luxuries, find out where the nearest supermarket or pharmacy is. Sometimes it is better to buy everything you need when you are there. 

For all the toiletries you should bring from home, it needs to be less than 100 ml. Don’t forget that all items must be transported in a single transparent, sealable plastic bag that holds a maximum of one liter and measures approximately 20 cm x 20 cm.

top tip

As much as possible, replace liquid products (shampoo, cleaning products) with organic bar products. Besides having no problems with x-rays, they do not pollute the place you are visiting because they are made with natural and biodegradable substances.

What can be taken on the plane?

Solid cosmetics (lipstick, lip balm, deodorant, bar soap and shampoo, etc.)
Bottles and processed infant foods – only with the amount necessary and sufficient for the duration of the flight;
Essential medicines, accompanied by medical prescription with the passenger’s name;
Medications that do not require a prescription may be carried in hand luggage as long as they are up to 100 ml;
Personal items such as documents, wallet and other small accessories (glasses, jewelry, belts, among others);
Electronic devices for personal use – cell phones, laptops, cameras, tablets and the like.

What can't be taken on the plane?

Sharp objects such as pocket knives, nail scissors and other sharp items. These must be carried in checked baggage.
Liquids, gels or pasty substances must be carried in a plastic bag, with each bottle not exceeding 100 ml in total.
Baby food or special liquids may be carried only in the correct quantity for consumption during the flight.

Enjoy your trip responsibly! Learn how to be a sustainable tourist

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