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What to Pack for the Ski Holiday

Without wanting to put pressure, but if you forget something in your suitcase for vacations in a ski area, your only option will be to buy very expensive clothes and equipment in the mountain or waste an entire trip. If you are going skiing, you need to be warm and comfortable in your equipment.

I learned from my husband who is German and used to ski since childhood, to be a practical traveler, especially when we go to an extremely cold place. I don’t want to carry tons of luggage. So, I give you the way to make the most of the luggage space and the equipment you need to carry. 

First of all, it is important to concentrate on the essentials. 


The clothes that will touch your skin, the base layers, are the key to all the hot ski clothes and should be at the top of your list. They are the clothes that will be in direct contact with your skin. Long-sleeved shirts, thermal shirts, thermal pants and briefs. 

Don’t forget to take more than one or two sets, because skiing is a sport and you will sweat. Even in the snow. 

Ski jacket

Not just any coat. It needs to be a ski jacket. Preferably waterproof and with insulation for maximum protection against cold and wind. The ski jacket needs to be warm and waterproof to not only keep it dry, but also to keep it warm. Another important item when choosing a good ski jacket is that you have freedom of movement. Good skiing equipment should not make you feel overwhelmed in layers unable to display your skills in the snow!

Gloves or Mittens

Good gloves or mittens (which are those that leave the fingers together), are essential to enjoy the ski vacation. If the hand is cold, the fun is over. Take waterproof, flexible and warm gloves. 

I love Mittens because they maximize my body’s warmth by holding my fingers together. 

Ski pants / salopettes

Ski pants can’t be any of them either. They need to be specific for skiing. They need to be waterproof (choose pants made of nylon, polyester or Thinsulate) and breathable)

Heavy sweaters and turtleneck

Invest in a good quality sweater when skiing. The turtleneck pullovers cannot be missing in the luggage either. You will need them both for skiing and for walking around the city. 

Snow Boots

Snow boots are waterproof or water-resistant, but winter boots are not. They are also made of materials that are easy to clean and do not slip. Make sure your boots have a good grip as ski resort pavements can be slippery!


Never forget the sunglasses at ski resorts. When the day is clear, it is really clear. It is very difficult to be comfortable without them. If you don’t intend to come back every year on the slopes, you don’t need to buy specific ski glasses, but invest in good lenses, anti-fog, polarized, and for different lighting conditions. They will protect your eyes from the rays bouncing off the snow.


Fleeces make life easier in ski resorts. How comfortable, versatile and practical they are! 

Put them under your ski jacket on the coldest days and in the most informal and indoor environments, you can circulate with them after a day on the slopes, or relax by the fireplace. 

Ski scarf

Aqueles que você pode cobrir suas orelhas e a cabeça também se o frio apertar. Encontram em lojas esportivas em departamento de esqui. O meu é de fleece, porque sou extremamente calorenta. Existem também de lã para pessoas mais friorentas. 

top tip

Take pictures of all your essential documents and keep in your cell phone. This is much better than go ski with your documents and to risk to lose them.

Waterproof socks

What to take for skiing can not lack the right socks! Uncomfortable feet mean less time on the tracks. Look for ski-specific soft wool socks that absorb moisture to keep your feet warm and dry inside your boots. 

Warm hat

Remember to bring a warm winter cap. I have already said that about 10% to 20% of your body heat is lost in the head. So keep your head warm. 

Swim trunks/swimming costume - Bikini

 For trips to the spa, sauna, hot tub, pool.

After a day of exercise in the icy mountains, going to the sauna, or take a bath in warm waters is the most wonderful feeling! Our body experiences extremes. We feel how much healthier and more relaxed we are.


Toothbrush (if you forget yours, will pay €7 for a new one)
Hair Products
Shaving kit
Sunblock (with high SPF, because you might think it is only for the summer, but the sun in the mountains is very strong and the snow acts as a giant reflector. That means the sun burns a lot.)
Moisturizing cream
Lip balm/lip salve (with high SPF)
Face wash
Small packs of tissues (Yes, this is very important. And when you are at your destination, always put a small packet in the pockets of your ski jacket. Always).

You will finally go in winter to the mountains, enjoy this wonder of nature in its recreation and sports tourism. So, be nice!

Remember that the culture you are used to may not be the norm for the place you are on holidays. Make an effort to learn the intricacies of different cultures and respect them.

Always keep in mind the need to harmonize tourism and recreational activities with ecological and social requirements, in particular leaving aside quiet areas and
totally discarding activities harmful to the environment.

We will help to preserve this wonderful ski resort that we visited. So that future generations can have the same privilege as us, and enjoy the winter in the snowy mountains.

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