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kampen - Sylt

Kampen – Sylt: glamorous beach in Germany

Beautiful, pleasant, sophisticated and elegant. So we can begin to describe Kampen: the summary of the exquisite island Sylt, located in Germany, in the North Sea.  

Here, the charm of the quiet life of the village with 700 inhabitants meets the famous exclusive Sylt Chic – a unique combination for which the island is highly valued by its demanding visitors. Kampen is situated in an idyllic landscape a few kilometers north of Westerland and is surrounded on both sides by the sea. 

Kampen’s first impression is certainly influenced by the typical North-French German townscape, as thatched roofs and bricks can be seen in all houses. However, by looking with a little more attention, we soon understand why it is known for its elegance, exclusivity and glamour. 

 Among beautiful beaches, red cliffs, lilac heath, expensive shopping, Porsche and champagne, discover what gives this piece of the island of Sylt its special charm.

kampen sylt
© Martin Hagemann - first place to host artists and writers in Kampen

Only after a week, we arrived in Sylt we went to explore Kampen. This is because the week we arrived made a fantastic time and we made the most of the beach near our home in List.

What we found were an idyllic nature, picturesque landscapes and first-class accommodation.  Really a place with many facets and probably so many interesting details, that it is worth visiting. 

What started as a vacation destination for artists and writers has become a popular vacation destination for celebrities and millionaires. There is even a cultural trail through the city, in which those interested can walk in the footsteps of artists, thinkers and poets who have worked here. 

In the shopping area, we find exclusive stores, restaurants and bars that seduce with good taste, beauty and culinary delights. 

Kampen's main attraction - the red cliff

rott kliff
© Karla Maragno - Rote Kliff

One of the most popular destinations to visit in Kampen is the Rote Kliff . A 52 m high cliff that stretches between Kampen and Wenningstedt and has been used by sailors for centuries as a guide. It is very interesting to walk along the cliff and discover the geological features. Even on the coldest days, when summer is just a souvenir, it is very good to walk along the beach in the iodized sea air. A visit at sunset is particularly recommended, as it seems that the cliff is really bathed in red light.

Kampen's visitors

Most of the Sylt visitors are rich, but in Kampen, they are not only rich, they are very rich. There is no room for non-rich people in Kampen. Everything is extremely expensive, people do business on the beach. Exclusive brands have in Kampen their stores. The restaurants are gourmet and half the population runs a Porsche. It is serious. The density of Porsche per inhabitant in Kampen is the highest in the world. Who does not have Porsche has some other expensive car. 

Here tourists can really live on champagne and luxury life. Numerous gastronomic offerings ranging from cozy little cafes and atmospheric bars to first-class restaurants and pubs with typical Sylt delicacies are spread everywhere.

Houses with straw roof

casa com telhado de palha

When talking about a straw roof in Brazil, the first image can be a kiosk on the beach, a tapera, a gazebo or something rustic. 

In Kampen, all houses need to have straw roofs. This is a special local charm. But they are not like Tim Maia sang, a “little house of sapê”. They cost millions of euros.

The biggest dune of Sylt is in Kampen

The Uwe Dune is 52.5 meters, the highest elevation in Sylt. It is about one kilometre west of downtown and is very close to the Rote Kliff. To reach the summit of the Uwe Düne, or better, the observation platform, it is necessary to climb 110 steps. After this climb, you really get a breathtaking view.  With the right weather, you can see up to the Danish island of Rømø, also in the North Sea. 

Uwe-Düne owes its name to the lawyer Uwe Jens Lornsen (1793-1838). He was the pioneer for the unification and independence of the German state Schleswig-Holstein. A certain point in his life he lived in Brazil. 

The beach

Kampen Sylt
View of Kampen beach from above the Rote Kliff.
areia de Kampen
Beach sand in Kampen

The beach is very wide, pleasant and the sand looks like a carpet. Delicious to step on and super clean. 

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