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Solid shampoo: sustainable trend and beauty in hair

Solid shampoo is a hair cleanser in soap form. It is, without a doubt, the newest trend in hair care cosmetics. We sustainable travellers can only be thankful for this trend. This is because they are generally made with natural ingredients to promote hair health, are environmentally friendly, and are great to take with you when you travel.

Shampoo Bar - Slow Beauty

Based on self-care experiences that are less aggressive to the body and the environment, the solid shampoos follow the premise of the global “slow beauty” movement, which proposes more conscious and ecological consumption practices with beauty items.

Slow beauty is also about taking more time to buy a beauty product. Likewise, to be patient with its results. In other words, not expecting overnight miracles – which is what most marketing promises.

When you hear about solid shampoo or bar shampoo, you already know that it is something different from ordinary shampoos.

What is natural solid shampoo?

Solid shampoos, or bar shampoos, are produced in a handcrafted way and with totally natural products. That is, essential oils, honey, herbs, fruits, and other natural and biodegradable substances are used in their composition.

It is certainly a choice that preserves your health, your hair, and the well-being of the entire environment and its inhabitants.

Moreover, unlike ordinary options, these shampoos are brought to the organic market in bar form and not in liquid form. This means more agility in use, more product yield, and many other advantages.

At first glance, you may think that these are soaps or soap bars, but this is not the case. They are in fact shampoos, that is, they were produced specifically to care for the hygiene and health of your hair. In addition, they are designed not to harm the hair or the environment.

Low Poo and No Poo

And in this solid shampoo scenario, there are two very important terms to know: Low Poo and No Poo. The first has in its formula substances that help clean your strands and treat them at the same time. The second, on the other hand, dispenses with cleaning products and focuses only on treatment.

The idea is that you do not need to wash your hair so much because this excessive cleaning causes more harm than good. A negative example is a dryness and dandruff. The natural oiliness ends up protecting and nourishing the hair and the scalp.

Why are bar shampoos part of sustainable travel?

As the shampoos are sold in bars, less packaging is produced in the process. All it takes is a small layer of biodegradable plastic or cardboard around the bar, and it’s protected and ready for consumption. And since it lasts a long time, you will probably take it back home with you. In other words, you will not leave plastic packaging at your destination.

A sustainable tourist produces as little waste as possible. 

Another important point is that not carrying liquids also makes your trip easier.

Just cut up a piece of the shampoo you will need during your trip and take it with you wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about what liquids are allowed in your hand luggage when flying, and you don’t run the risk of them spilling and making a mess in your bag. 

Think green and sustainable

As bar shampoos require less packaging and are produced in a handcrafted way, they become environmentally friendly products. In other words, beauty products produced without harming our beloved planet earth.

Another important point is that they are never tested on animals, and some options use only organic substances in the formula. One more benefit that leaves you at peace with your conscience and still takes care of your hair health.

After all, the environment does not deserve to be sacrificed just for you to have beautiful hair.  We need to take care of our beauty, but also of nature, of everything that inhabits it, and of the next generations. 

Health to hair free of harmful chemicals

When you use a natural bar shampoo, you can be worry-free about the actual health of your hair, because they are free of harmful chemicals. They are also free of parabens, lauryl, sulfates, EDTA, and others. They are produced only with substances found in nature and chemical-free.

Using these products is synonymous with worrying about your health and avoiding future complications. After all, you stop poisoning yourself during your bath and use only organic products and of natural origin. Keep your quality of life intact. Healthy, well-treated hair with all the nutrients it needs is beautiful by nature. In other words, by taking care of your hair’s health, you gain beauty and well-being at the same time.

top tip

Solid Shampoo by SANTE Naturkosmetik, Shine Care Shampoo Bar with organic birch leaf & vegetable protein, For naturally healthy hair, Like a hair soap, Certified & Vegan, 60 g. 

Enjoy this offer and start using this wonderful sustainable trend now. Good for your hair and for the environment.

How to use solid shampoo

Wet the scalp thoroughly and divide the hair into areas so that you can lovingly rub the shampoo bar on the head, from the root of the hair on the forehead to the nape of the neck.

“Although not new, as there are records of marketing this model since the 1970s, solid shampoos have become very popular among users adept at a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.”

Thiago Pissaia, founder and creator of NESH, a brand of vegan and naturally handcrafted cosmetics.

solid shampoo bar shampoo

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