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10 Fascinating Facts About Berlin You should Know

10 Enchanting Facts About Berlin You should Know

10 Fascinating Facts about Berlin – a multicultural city. A true “island” within Germany. Therefor undeniably this is one good reason why it is so attractive and the dream of many people around the world.

The number of tourists is enormous, and the number of newcomers is increasing. Therefore, many think that the Berliner seems to be in a constant search for identity.

They say that “Paris is Paris” and “Berlin is never Berlin”.

Berlin is in constant motion, but there are some peculiarities, habits, and things that are very typical of the city.

1. Wegbier - Walking around with a beer in the hand

Whether it’s walking with the dog, the small child, or the friend. It can also be on public transportation, any time of the day or night. Likewise, before going to a party, or after work. Walking around with a beer in your hand is a habit here in Berlin and also in some other German cities.

Unlike in many countries in the world, drinking in public is legal in Germany. There is no need to hide your beer in a juice bottle or wrap it in paper bags. Alcohol is not shameful here. Quite the contrary. For many, Wegbier is a very pleasant experience and a symbol of being “cool”.

coisas típicas em Berlim
Tipico em Berlim andar com uma cerveja na mão

2. Spätis - do you know this fact about Berlin?

They are little shops that stay open beyond the general closing hours and sell drinks, tobacco products, magazines, food, and often also offer internet access.

The word meaning later, or late, was used in East Berlin, when the state retail markets stayed open until after midnight because shift workers were supposed to have the opportunity to shop.

After reunification, a clause in the unification treaty guaranteed the continuation of this law that made it possible for the Spätis to stay open. So they were slowly imported to the west side of the city and became one of the most typical things in Berlin. 

3. Being cool is a fact about Berlin

The Berliner and his famous “Na und?” – which means, So what?

Yes, the Berliner is proud to be cool. They have the ability to show indifference in many situations. Be it chaos, or seeing the most famous person in the world in front of you in your neighbourhood bakery. They pretend not to notice or not to care.

n the same way, Berliners don’t care about weird attitudes or people. The idea is to look the other way and stay cool.

Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

4. Respect the bicycle lanes

Coisas típicas em Berlim
Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

Hallo! Das ist ein Fahrradweg! –

Hello, this is a bicycle lane! – You can be sure you will hear an angry Berliner shout that sentence if you for example stop on in a Bicycle lane. Many tourists don’t realize that that path is a bike lane and just walk, or even stand still on them. But that is unacceptable around here. Maybe you can’t imagine why this is one of the most annoying things for Berliners.

But in fact, bike paths in Berlin are just as important as lanes for cars or other transportation. After all, cycling here is much more than just a sport. Many Berliners, including myself, with a sustainable lifestyle, use the bicycle as a means of transportation to go to work, shopping, school, etc.  

That is why there are some rules regarding bike lanes in the city.

For this reason, if you decide to explore Berlin by bicycle, you will have to concentrate on the bike paths. I don’t advise you to ride on busy bike paths slowly and carelessly as if everyone were on vacation, because that is not the reality.

People face traffic every day, which means they have no patience with tourists who get in the way of the flow.

5. currywurst - definitely genuineness about Berlin

currywurst - coisa típica em Berlim
Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

Although the city has one of the highest numbers of vegans in the world, Currywurst is a typical Berlin thing.

Learn how to make a Currywurst recipe.  

It was invented about 70 years ago. Since then, outlets for this typical Berlin dish have multiplied. You can find it at market stalls, kiosks, your own shop, etc.

Since it is fast and unsophisticated street food, Currywurst is often eaten standing up.

The side dishes are fries and a good beer, and you will certainly find many options for vegan Currywurst. 

6. Throw yourself on some grass

No doubt the lawns of parks and public squares are one of Berliners’ favourite places to play. 

Playing on the grass, whether in any season of the year, alone or in groups, is a typical Berlin thing.

This means that if the day is at least around 16 degrees and the sky is partly blue, you will certainly have a hard time finding a quiet grass spot, because, with this “heat”, Berlin’s lawns will already be full of people lying in the sun.

Naturally, the dress code is free, you can be dressed up, or in a bra and panties, underwear, a sun robe, bikini, or even completely naked. As many already know, Germans love to be naked.

Típico em Berlim
Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

7. Going barefoot

pessoas descalças pela cidade

It can be quite strange, but yes, it is very common to find barefooted people on the street in Berlin, or on public transport.

This is of course mainly during the summer, but it happens in any season.

However, I never understood the reason either.

8.Hair bun - fact about Berlin

Berliners don’t follow fashion trends, they don’t have a defined style. The city is really freedom in terms of dressing. Nobody cares about designer handbags or shoes, perfect make-up, wonderful hair. So hair bun is the most practical solution. They are everywhere, for every occasion. Almost everyone who has hair that can be pinned up wears them without fear of looking like a dumped person. 

After all, they are totally typical Berliners.

típico berlinense
Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

9. Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

Carnaval das culturas em Berlim
Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

While other states in Germany celebrate Carnaval on the same date as Brazil, i.e. in February – winter here in Germany. In Berlin, the carnival takes place in June, in the summer.

Why go out on the streets dressed up if we can wait a few more months and just party with the clothes we want without worrying about the cold?

10. Being grumpy is one of the typical things in Berlin

You may find it a contradiction that this same being who is “cool” is also grumpy. Yes, but this is the Berliner. First, because friendliness is not the strong suit of the city dwellers. Don’t expect that friendly, patient, understanding tone that you might find elsewhere.

Here they complain about everything, argue about everything. The stressed tone is everywhere, in the bartenders, taxi drivers, salespeople, in short, it is a kind of collective impatience. If you do something wrong, you will get a nasty reaction.

Photo: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

The Berliner also always complains about his own city, but outwardly he always defends it with arrogance.

But don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. Berlin is the best city in the world!

Did you see that? I just did the same!

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