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Transporte sustentável em Berlim

Sustainable transport in Berlin – Electric Bus

Sustainable transport – The first electric articulated bus in Berlin is part of the “E-MetroBus” project. The zero-emission articulated vehicles will be responsible for all trips on the 200 Line. 

onibus elétrico berlim
Foto: KarlaNomade ©Karla Maragno

The appearance may be the same, inside and out, but as you take your sustainable travel with the electric bus, you will realize that it is different not only for the environment. 

Firstly, because the vehicle sounds like a turbine when approaching the bus stop. I must say that it sounds like a very quiet turbine. (Check the video) This gives the feeling that it sounds much more sophisticated than most other buses on the planet. 

What is more, the so-called e-MetroBus.berlin is also much more comfortable for the passengers, in the sense that it does not shake as much as a normal bus. 

What is sustainable transport?

Sustainable transportation is, of course, part of the sustainable lifestyle and is the term used to define all those strategies that aim to improve life in cities and guarantee the right to come and go with more practicality and without harming the environment.

Berlin's bus line 200

The route was taken by the now fully electric 200 buses used to pass many of Berlin’s sights and attractions. For many visitors, it was a very cheap way to get around the city. But the route has been changed and now only the 100 line continues to tour the famous sights. 

It is a ticket for the AB fare zone. Getting off during the trip is not a problem, as the next bus arrives every ten minutes.

The tour with bus 200 starts at the Zoologischer Garten railway station. The station used to be an important transportation hub for rail traffic for a long time. Now the Hauptbahnhof has taken over this role. The station has gained fame far beyond Berlin’s borders with the book “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” by Christiane F. 

In addition, just a few minutes’ walks from the Zoologischer Garten station is the famous Zoological Garden, the Kurfürstendamm shopping street and the Breitscheidplatz with Berlin’s most famous church.

top tip

In normal times, it is possible to buy the ticket directly from the bus driver. But in pandemic times, this is not possible. The drivers stay within an isolation strip. So buy your ticket before you get on the bus, or use the BVG app.

Climate Protection

More and more buses with innovative electric drives are replacing the old diesel vehicles. This makes mobility sustainable, cleaner, quieter, and more environmentally friendly. 

The first E-articulated buses are another milestone for climate protection and the modernization of BVG. 

The BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) –  Berlin Transport Company is the company that runs the electric buses and the U-Bhan – the Berlin subway. At certain locations, there are also boat and ferry lines.

Rolf Erfurt, the BVG board member for operations, says: “This project is a pioneer for electric mobility in Berlin. Articulated buses are the backbone of our bus fleet, and we are very happy to be able to test them out in the electric-powered version as well. 

Plan for the future of sustainable urban mobility in Berlin

The BVG currently has a total of around 1,500 buses in its fleet, which are used to serve around 150 bus routes. In the coming years, BVG plans to increase the use of electrically operated city buses.

The goal is the economical use of quiet, clean, and environmentally-friendly electric buses.

The Berlin Senate, thinking further ahead on sustainable transport, has launched the goal of a 100% local emissions-free bus fleet by the year 2030.

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