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Snow Holidays – Ski in Arosa

Arosa is a spectacular destination in the Swiss Alps. It is surrounded by bucolic landscapes in an area of mountains that in winter are completely covered with snow, steep gorges and a range of fun activities in all seasons.
This makes Arosa one of Switzerland’s favourite vacation destinations.

Arosa is located in the eastern canton of Grisons (Graubünden) – the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland. This is a beautiful region with stunning scenery and the most traditional and beloved destination for snow sports enthusiasts. This area is also home to the hottest seasons of St. Moritz and Davos.

This charming village is about 1800m, in the picturesque Schanfigg Valley.

A winter paradise! This is the description I can give for the fascinating Arosa.

After a very nice and comfortable night out on a night train from Berlin to Zurich, and two more trains to reach Arosa, we immediately felt the sensation that we entered a snowy fairytale setting!

The icy air of the Alps in winter is healthy and as there is no traffic, it is particularly clean. Due to its location in an open valley basin, Arosa is very sunny and is spared from strong winds. Arosa is, therefore, since 1877, a well-known alpine health and wellness resort. 

Ski slopes and snowboard

Photo Karla Maragno

For skiers and snowboarders, the winter sports region of Arosa – Lenzerheide offers 225 km of snow guaranteed runs. The ski area is now the largest connected ski area in Graubünden – thanks to the ski area connection, guests can get to and from Arosa Hörnli and Lenzerheiden Urdenfüggli in just 3 minutes.

One point that I found particularly interesting in Arosa is the leisure offer for all levels and ages. That is, there are several ski and snowboarder runs for all levels. From completely beginners to professionals. There are also properly signposted snow trails. 

Therefore, the modern Urden cable car can now also be used by pedestrians, and winter hikers have 140 km of hiking and walking trails at their disposal. Two snow parks and a fun slope are available for freestylers to “jibbing” and round off the varied range of slopes. 

How to get to Arosa

Arosa has located 150km from Zurich. To go by car the journey takes about 2h and 30min with more than 300 narrow curves that border the cliff. So if you are afraid of falling off some cliff or you have a sickness in the car, don’t even think about this option. 

By train from Zurich, you will take the IC 3 to Chur and from there the R 1461 to Arosa. The whole trip lasts more or less the same time as the trip by car and costs on average 51 francs. 

The trip from Chur to Arosa takes about one hour. It is much nicer than going by car along the serpentine road. We have already gone by train and by car. I can say that it doesn’t compare. Especially in winter. I really recommend going by train. It’s not stressed, it’s good for the environment and the landscape is wonderful. 

Night train - Berlin to Zurich
Train station in Chur

Sustainable tourism in the mountains

You will finally go in winter to the mountains, enjoy this wonder of nature in its recreation and sports tourism.

So always keep in mind the need to harmonize tourism and recreational activities with ecological and social requirements, in particular leaving aside quiet areas and 
totally discarding activities harmful to the environment.

Let’s keep this show so that future generations can have the same privilege as us, and enjoy the winter in the snowy mountains. 

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