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Symi Grécia

Symi – A small island paradise in Greece

The island of Symi in Greece is one of the wonders of the Dodecanese island chain! It stands out from the other Greek islands with its beautiful architecture, colourful houses, and laid-back atmosphere.

The port of Symi looks like something out of a painting! The first thing that catches your eye as you approach Symi is the colourful houses around the harbour. The scenery is enchanting!

The harbour is considered the centre of the island. But within walking distance, there are small villages and beaches to discover.

A little further away from the harbour, we find the beautiful beaches of Symi. They are small, clean, and have mesmerizing crystal clear waters. Some of them have an infrastructure, others are secluded, so ideal for those who love nature and want to relax!

Symi Greece is one of the most picturesque and charming islands in the Dodecanese island chain.

Not to mention that every corner of the town has a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. The unique atmosphere of the port will enchant you!
The main town of Symi, which is divided into two villages: Gialos and Chorio, is the centre of activity on the island. It stands out for its colourful mansions, peaceful atmosphere, and photogenic scenery. Not to mention that every corner of the town has a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea!

If you want to escape the summer heat after exploring the city, head for Symi’s beaches. Although they are not large, they are clean and relaxing. If on the other side you are an adventure lover, you will be happy to know that a walk around the island will take you to many beautiful chapels and photogenic spots. In fact, on the southern part of the island, you will find the renowned Panormitis monastery, which is well worth a visit.

In addition, Symi is a brilliant base for island hopping, especially to the neighbouring island of Rhodes

How I discovered Symi

One day I came home completely exhausted. I was in a phase of extreme physical and emotional exhaustion. And my husband said that it would be good if we took a trip to recharge our energies. 

He then suggested a week in a “Boat House”, something we did a few years ago. If you read the story of this boat trip here, you will understand that this was not the best option for me to de-stress. 

So I jokingly said, if you want to relax, let’s go to a Greek island!

He took it seriously and remembered some friends of ours who live in Greece and called asking for information and directions to a nice island. I will always be grateful for the recommendation of Symi that they gave us – the best tip we could have. From the very beginning, we were impressed by the wonderful view from the harbour, which really looks like a painting, not to mention the blue of the water, and the sky.

It was everything I needed. A small island, spectacular views, a mild temperature, and since we travelled in October, i.e. off the high season, it was not crowded with tourists.

Top tip

On some beaches, the goats run loose and get very close to the tourists. Don’t be alarmed. They are harmless. But they try to “steal” your snacks. Stay alert, especially since you are a good example of a responsible traveller, and you are not going to feed them, right?

Beach Marathounta

It was quite easy to get to Marathouna Beach by scooter. And as soon as we arrived we were greeted by these cute animals. They are very tame and just hang around interacting. 

It is also important not to forget to buy the sneakers so as not to risk hurting your feet on the rocks. They are easily found in the port of Symi. 

Vista de cima da Praia Marathouna

Boat Trip around the Island

This was the boat we spent the day cruising the beaches around the island. It was one of the best days we spent. The boat is anchored from time to time so we can swim and enjoy the scenery.

At lunchtime, we anchored at a beach, and a magnificent buffet of typical Greek food was served with wine and juice. 

How to explore the island

We rented a scooter for a day and rode around the entire island. It is an interesting perspective when we do the same trip by boat. 

In the city of Symi, the best thing is to walk. Symi is very old and to walk through its streets is also to know a lot of its history, so walking and letting yourself go through the ups and downs of its geography is wonderful. 

The town of Simi consists of the beautiful village of Chorio and its natural harbour of Gialos. Simi was one of the wealthiest areas of Dodecanese due to the shipping industry and sponge diving that was quite important during the 20th century. As time passed, these activities diminished, but the island kept its tradition alive.


It is on the agenda of the Greek ministry of tourism to create the conditions that will define Symi as a destination with a strong environmental footprint. 

According to the ministry, Symi’s tourism identity should be identified with the concepts of quality and sustainability.

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